How will your life be when we take the climate seriously?

90 people aged 18-30 helped design the irresistible circular society - these are the findings 

On September 28, we invited 90 young people (18-30) into a co-creation workshop.

The event introduced the New European Bauhaus to parts of the NextGeneration EU, hopefully making them more aware of the new direction the EU has taken and helped plant seeds of the NEB spirit.

They co-created future scenarios through a creative writing task. Given different activities, objects, feelings, and themes ultimately leading to a synthesis of a future scenario. Some of the scenarios were utopian and full of hope for the future, most of them were leaning to the dystopian side. Once again making it apparent that we need to act quickly.

We have collected the findings of the co-creation workshop HERE.

Arts and culture were prioritised as we had an architect, artist and author take the stage, each giving an inspirational talk and afterward debate:

  • Peter Andreas Sattrup, Chef consultant within sustainability in Danske ARK (Danish Association of Architectural Firms)

Introducing NEB and the mission of the Irresistible circular society

  • Madeleine Kate McGowan, Artist and filmmaker at Other Story
  • Poetic talk about arts, aesthetics and artistic-process can enrich our lives and change limitations to a positive note.
  • Kaspar Colling Nielsen, Author and previously speech-writer for the former Danish minister of climate.
  • Speech about the climate crisis and being on the edge between hope and doubt for what the future will bring and what we can do.