International Co-design Workshop

Are you interested in joining a partnership of people, businesses and organisations committed to creating irresistible circular societies by participatory design?

If you, and those you work with, are keen to build better societies and ambitious about tackling the challenges of overshoot, climate change and biodiversity, - let’s join forces and help each other define and refine a proposal for a New European Bauhaus that is truly irresistible. Let’s explore the challenges together and open up the process of imagining how collaboration will turn them into opportunities:

Let’s use the power of we and our collective creativity to envision how an irresistible circular society will look, feel and work

Let’s work to realign our relationship to the nature we are part of and develop regenerative cities and landscapes – also for those of us who are not human

Let’s learn from nature how to turn our waste into treasure by designing circular solutions that are exciting, beautiful and can become valuable resources for the generations to come

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10.00 Welcome & introduction

Moderator: Christina Melander, Programme Director Danish Design Center and Vice President of BEDA

10.10 Inspiration: The significance of the arts in the green transition

Madeleine Kate McGowan, Project leader & artist at NXT

10.20: Conversation: Dreaming of a climate neutral Europe 2050

Breakouts: How might a desired sustainable and climate neutral Europe look like in 2050? Share your dreams.

10.40: Presentation: Designing the irresistible circular society al

Christian Bason, CEO Danish Design Center shares thoughts behind a common mission for A New European Bauhaus

Peter Andreas Sattrup (Senior Adviser,Sustainability, Danish Association of Architectural Firms), Phil Ayres (Associate Professor, Institute of Architecture and Technology, at Royal Danish Academy) and Madeleine Kate McGowan (Project leader & artist at NXT) introduce themes and challenges identified as significant in creating the irresistible circular society. The themes are: Social values & communities, City(nature), resilience & biodiversity, and Resource loops & zero waste

11.20: Conversation : If this is the problem…. solutions might be found within...

Breakouts: group discussions on sharing ideas on how to overcomes challenges

11.50: Final remarks

Moderator: Christina Melander, Programme Director Danish Design Center and Vice President of BEDA