Less conversation – more action

We propose that the following three challenge areas are selected as ‘ways of making the mission come true’. The challenge areas encompass the project and are identified as ‘angles of action’ where the built environment reflects the frame, being regenerative is pivotal and the sustainable development goals are inherent guiding principles. Aesthetics should be considered a nerve running throughout the challenge areas.  

The three challenge areas

Social values and communities

Focusing on social innovation, inclusion and the ‘power of we’. The ‘power of we’ comes from valuing a strong civic society and cooperative ownership. It represents how we both as a Union and as smaller communities are stronger when we work together. We want to define the social values of the European communities with the communities. Thus ensuring a democratic and inclusive process while seeking to find the right sociale values that makes a circular society irresistible for the citizens of Europe.

City(nature), resilience and biodiversity

Focusing on thriving urban and natural habitats. When designing the irresistible society, making sure biodiversity and nature is an integrated part of the future is not only for the sake of ‘nature’ as its own entity, but also for the health and wellbeing of all humans in the future. Nature can help making cities more sustainable, in the ecological sense, but also resilient, especially if integrated in the infrastructural systems such as climate adaptation and mitigations, creating synergies combatting cloudburst, pollution, biodiversity crisis etc.

Resource loops and zero waste

Focusing on recycling and renovating buildings and dwellings. All across Europe, buildings need to be renovated in order to be able  to withstand another 100 years and fulfil the expectations for a beautiful life for Europeans today. The most sustainable choice in construction is almost always to use what is already there. But how are we making sure what was made 50 years ago is being reused today in a safe and sound way? We need a new and innovative way to reuse materials and full constructions while also being able to compete on price and getting the ideas rooted in the market and construction enterprises.