FILM. Desire presents: 'Visions for a greener neighbourhood'

The social housing area Gadehavegaard, 20 km from the centre of Copenhagen, will be transformed in the coming years. As a part of that, a parking lot will be changed to a green urban space for the citizens. The Desire partner the building administration has invited two 8th grade classes to give ideas for the urban space.

The students have had free rein to think new things, and some unique proposals have come out of this.

In the video you meet:

Lisbeth Engelbrecht Nielsen, Project Manager at

Kåre Stokholm Poulsgaard, Head of Innovation at GXN

Alberto Roncelli, Circular Design Specialist, GXN

Pia v Benzon, Chairwoman of the DFB Resident Board

And young people from the local Ole Rømer School and representatives from Høje-Taastrup Kommune (the municipality).

Filmmaker is Benjamin Hesselholdt.