DESIRE - get a quick overview of the EU project

DESIRE will create a movement that sets new standards and develops methods for transforming urban spaces. See two pager. Today, we are overwhelmed by challenges from climate change, loss of biodiversity, resource depletion and overshooting of Earth’s carrying capacity. We need to transform the way we live and build in cities.

With the DESIRE project, we will present an ambitious and innovative way forward where art, design and architecture play key roles in transforming existing urban spaces and creating new neighbourhoods.

New European Bauhaus

DESIRE is one of six lighthouse demonstrators under the New European Bauhaus (NEB) initiative from the European Commission. NEB aims to bridge the worlds of art, culture and education with science and technology. The initiative will create more sustainable, inclusive, and beautiful spaces in locations across the EU and will involve citizens in the green transition at the local level.

In DESIRE, our 24 partners from six European countries will create a movement that sets new standards and develops methods for large-scale urban development, renovation and construction.

DESIRE works with three themes and taps into eight existing urban transformation projects and living labs. Here, we apply design methods in co-creation activities involving local residents and stakeholders. Voices from different professions will be involved to inspire, challenge, and qualify what we do. We apply digital engagement tools to collect ideas, images, and impressions.

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