FILM. Desire presents: ''Neighbourhood agency, Ownership & Passion” in Wildemanbuurt, Amsterdam

Wildemanbuurt in Amsterdam, Netherlands is a neighbourhood often depicted negatively. However, inhabitants are determined to change this narrative. The Desire project is powered by the energy of this community.

Text: Hanne Kokkegård, DTU Compute - published 29 April 2024

The work at our Desire site in Amsterdam Wildemanbuurt started with a workshop where everyone was invited to share their dreams, and after that meeting citizen groups were formed.

For instance, a neighbourhood economy group is trying to establish a local coffee roaster as a social enterprise. Another group is setting up a circular textile company, while a third group is tackling waste issues by founding their own circular company in the Wildemanbuurt.

The Green and Happy Group is improving community gardens and public green spaces in the neighbourhood. Meanwhile, the Healthy Connections Group is creating deeper relationships within the community by organizing events.

“We try to work with what is there and nurture good ideas, foster new relationships. In the end, it's really about agency and working together to create a new neighbourhood from a place of trust,” says Rosalie Bak, Community Builder and Social Designer for the Desire partner Stichting Samenwonen-Samenleven.

Have a look at the new Desire film and meet also the youngsters from Young Osdorp United that are making videos and photography to tell great stories from the area.

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The filmmaker is Benjamin Hesselholdt.