24th May - New European Bauhaus TALK - When business meets art in a time of poly-crisis

Why is it important to invite art and business into collaboration in this time of poly-crisis? Because more than ever we need to shift perspectives and be creative, so we do not fall to the lowest denominator when crisis strikes. A state of crisis must not be our excuse to put the climate crisis solutions on hold. And when art and business intertwine, new aesthetics, mental and sensory perspectives on the green transition potentially emerge and speculative spaces of opportunity become tangible. We begin to see things differently and move towards solutions that are aligned with our ambitions of a future based on sustainability and circularity.

When I experienced artists talk about aesthetics, and mental, sensory perspectives on the green transition, it became clear to me how limited the building sector’s idea of success, solutions and outcomes are. This is a challenge as the sector is in a defining transformation in regards to circularity (...)

- Jan Søndergaard Hansen, former CEO, Unicon

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Our global mutual challenge is quite clear: we are overshooting. We exceed the planetary boundaries for the whole world before we reach summer and the footprints of developed countries are much bigger than those of developing countries. We use and consume much more than we give back to the planet. To accelerate the necessary change, a broad circle of stakeholders across architecture, academia, art and various professions have joined forces to shape a new cross-disciplinary movement - a New European Bauhaus.

We invite you to join this dynamic movement, to explore the potentials of when business meets art in the green transition and to dive into dialogues on our perceptions of nature and how this shapes our lived environments. We wish to create a new mindset by embossing, arousing and inspiring the desire to adapt. We want to unleash the potential of a circular society. But for circularity to become irresistible, we need to build communities, collaboration and new innovative partnerships. Thus, we commit ourselves to the mission of: “Designing the irresistible circular society”.

This multimedial dialogue event invites you to engage in three examples of when art intertwines with business.


Exploration of the multi-media exhibition with art-pieces by Nana-Francisca Schottländer, Atelier Kristoffer Tejlgaard and Diakron. ONLINE video presentation

Welcome by Kent Martinussen, CEO, DAC

DESIRE - Designing the Irresistible Circular Society, the Danish bid for a European lighthouse demonstrator by Torben Klitgaard, CEO, BLOXHUB

Keynote by Jan Søndergaard Hansen, former CEO, Unicon

Speculative activation by architect Kristoffer Tejlgaard

Case presentations
- Martin Manthorpe (NCC) & Madeleine Kate McGowan (Artist, NXT / Stedets Væsen)
- Nana-Francisca Schottländer (Artist) with Bodyscaping at Tunnelfabrikken
- David Hilmer Rex (Artist, Diakron / Primer) & Aquaporin

Break - time to explore exhibition, on site and online

Dynamic dialogue and collective knowledge production by Madeleine Kate McGowan - on site and online

Documentation reading performed by Inga Gerner Nielsen

Outro and thank you for today by Torben Klitgaard

Venue:  BLOX - DAC salen - Copenhagen

Format: Hybrid (on site limited number of seats available)

Date:      May 24th

Time:     13.00 - 16.00 CET

No fee - but registration (20th May deadline for on site registration)


DI, BLOXHUB, DDC, NXT, DAC and Creative Denmark

- supported by Realdania