The New European Bauhaus Community

The New European Bauhaus initiative from the European Union has appointed six lighthouse demonstrators – including Desire. In addition, Craft has been established to support cities in designing and deploying Climate City Contracts based on the experience from CrAFt’s Sandbox Cities and 60 reference cities. Have a look.

The Bauhaus of the Sea Sails intends to recognize and legitimize the diverse range of know-how already present in coastal and marine communities and ecosystems, promoting, through design and creativity, its innovation, renewal, updating and articulation with a new generation of public policies aimed at cooperation and transnational problem-solving. The Bauhaus of the seas therefore proposes an ecocentric narrative both cosmopolitan and rooted, plural and testimonial, with evident environmental and economic consequences, scalable at European and global levels. Building a “culture of the Bauhaus of the seas” will involve fostering a school of interdisciplinary experimentation and entrepreneurship, bound to shape a generation of designers, architects, engineers, artists, managers, and scientists around sustainable design solutions for coastal regions and the sea. Go to Bauhaus of the Sea Sails

Creating NEBourhoods Together ensures sustainable living and working in the Munich district of Neuperlach. Together with citizens, creative people and experts, we develop ideas in and for Neuperlach.

We found start-ups and implement projects that improve the quality of life, make everyday living easier and contribute to climate protection. Our focus is just as much on public spaces, attractive living, energy communities and local mobility as on youth culture, nutrition, biodiversity and a circular economy. Creating NEBourhoods Together establishes a model for other European cities: beautiful, sustainable and inclusive! Visit Creating NEBourhoods Together

In NEB-STAR the 16 partners will change the way municipalities, businesses, citizens and other actors work together, in order to find fair and robust solutions to our climate and social challenges. Together, we work with social innovation to become climate neutral faster - in an inclusive, aesthetic and sustainable way. The project will try to show how Stavanger, in collaboration with the twin cities of Prague (Czech Republic) and Utrecht (Netherlands), can provide insightful experimentation, demonstrations and guidance on NEB principles in urban transitions. The NEB-STAR project is funded by the EU over three years, for the period 2022-2025, and consists of 16 partners. Visit NEB-STAR

The Eyes Hearts Hands project supports 7 districts (DK, EL, BE, PT, TK, HR, IT) experiencing different socio-economic and infrastructural challenges with innovative co-design activities. The project will deploy a set of tailored social innovation actions to engage and commit the participation of relevant urban players at multiple and multidisciplinary levels: technology co-design, co-financing, and aesthetic co-creation. The aim is to design and apply solutions to cities’ environmental, social, and infrastructural challenges and make them sustainable and resilient for the long haul. Visit Eyes Hearts Hands

Cultuur&Campus Putselaan - The Future of the City: Rotterdam is the city that always looks forward, where we see ample space and seize that space. It’s a city that doesn’t live, think, or act within boxes. We connect and strengthen unique forces, pushing the boundaries of what one can conceive alone. Together, we can make C&CP the place for sustainable and inclusive urban development, where everyone feels welcome. Visit Cultuur&Campus Putselaan

CrAFt: The project Creating Actionable Futures – CrAFt is part of the New European Bauhaus (NEB) initiative of the European Union and will place the transition to climate neutrality at the heart of urban stakeholders. Craft cooperates with the Mission Board on Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities and the NetZeroCities platform. And support cities in designing and deploying Climate City Contracts based on the experience from CrAFt’s Sandbox Cities —Bologna, Prague, and Amsterdam—, as well as 60 CrAFt Reference Cities. Craft will test and share collaborative local governance models to harness the value of inclusiveness, aesthetics and sustainability towards climate neutral cities. Visit CrAFt