The voices of the NextGenerationEU

The younger generation at BLOX have applied for one of the 10 Rising Star New European Bauhaus prizes. 

Alberte, Emilie and Freja’s initiative focuses on how to enable the NextGenerationEU to bring their input, insights, and beliefs for the future into the New European Bauhaus Movement.

The ambition is to sow the seeds of the New European Bauhaus in the NextGenerationEU - creating shared growth.

They want to create the foundation for an association that will protect the voices of the youth and break down the class ceiling - allowing for the thoughts and ideas of the youth to influence and accelerate the green transition. By establishing an inclusive platform with a democratic, holistic and interdisciplinary approach, they believe it will involve the next generation directly in the NEB Movement. Taking its point of departure in Denmark and then further developing throughout Europe.