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This is the Desire Academy podcast series, where Desire members, staff and academics share knowledge about the Desire sites around Europe - and how to transform our society to be more circular and irresistible. In this very first episode is the woman at the core of the Garden Caretakers in Herlev and utilizer of the being of place idea, Madeleine Kate McGowan of the NXT communication and innovation bureau.
At a meadow beside a construction site in Herlev, DK, artist Davide Ronco creates a temporary artwork from bricks moulded with local earth, challenging the permanence of human architecture. As the structure crumbles over time, it symbolizes nature's reclamation of land. A fleeting art project that questions our relationship with the Earth.
Last week, the Desire project and BLOXHUB in Copenhagen hosted the third New European Bauhaus Cluster Workshop, gathering the six lighthouse projects, the coordination and support project CrAFt, and CINEA, the European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency. All projects share a common goal: the implementation of the EU Green Deal, emphasizing beauty, sustainability, and collaboration.
Through the Desire project, the city of Kalundborg, DK has established a citizen group that, together with architecture students and a design firm, will experiment with small, simple things in public spaces.
In a new blog post, Jenny Andersson from the Desire expert organization The Really Regenerative Centre, CIC argues that we need to change our approach to working with living systems. She suggests that we need to be more humble and respectful and that we need to listen to the wisdom of the system. Jenny also emphasizes the importance of being open to new ideas and staying humble in our pursuit of a more regenerative future.
Listen to the place before you develop it. But how? Perhaps by using art! In Desire an Irresistible Circular Society our partner in Herlev, Denmark NXT has introduced a new character ‘The Garden Caretaker’ to help reconcile the city with nature.
What do citizens think about an urban area? And what is important to them when transforming part of it into a green, attractive urban space? In the Desire project, we are experimenting with an app as a tool for collecting and listening to citizens' opinions - and thereby involving them in the green transition. We visited the social housing area Gadehavegaard to see, how two school classes used the app.
Credit: GXN, Visions for Gadehavegaard, Theme weeks at the school.
Over the course of two Desire theme weeks, school children at Gadehavegaard have been introduced to the process of translating ideas and desires into tangible design proposals. This experimental process has generated valuable insights in both directions, and now these experiences will be translated into principles that can be applied by others seeking to engage users in the design process.
Educational programmes at a local school will help to see new potentials for the area's future development through the eyes of young people. At the same time, the process will provide young people with new skills and knowledge in biodiversity, circularity and inclusion/participation. Desire-partner housing administration company and housing association DFB are excited and hope to maintain contact with the young people.
In Desire, we experiment with creating sustainable, attractive, and inclusive urban spaces. Our goal is to present an ambitious and innovative way forward, where art, design, and architecture play key roles in exploring an irresistible circular society. Have a look at our 2-pager!
Credit: Rudis Rubenis, Riga Municipality
In Riga, the municipality plans to renovate an old block of flats. Through the Desire project, the municipality involves the citizens in the process of creating green surroundings, where nature plays a major role. Recently, the municipality invited citizens to a workshop.
During the UIA World Congress of Architects CPH first in July in Copenhagen, Denmark visitors from 135 countries could meet the Desire project in two panel debates about the New European Bauhaus initiative and our goals. Here you find the two videos from the panel debates, our new Invitation Paper about New European Bauhaus Economy, our brand new Desire presentation video, and articles where we sum up the debates.
By co-creating with residents from all walks of life, our partners can create visions for an equitable and sustainable future; one that is not just for the few, but includes everyone. - All Desire partners visited Wildemanbuurt in Amsterdam in May 2023.
Water Saving Camp, July 2023. Photo credit Marzia Allietta
How do you manage rainwater in an area that is sometimes affected by flooding, other times by drought? Our partner organisations are looking at these challenges.
UIA NEB economy photo credit Ivana Stancic Dark Matter Lab
At the UIA World Congress of Architects CPH 2023 a Desire panel debate discussed the need for fundamental transformation at speed and scale. Takeaways - among others - were buildings to last for more than 200 years, sharing community, the belief in the power of stories and the wish of turning the built environment into the biggest hero.
Photos from the workshop on May 31, 2023. Photo credit: Anže Krže
In Ljubljana, Slovenia, our two partners BTC City and CER Sustainable Business Network work on transforming the big BTC area into a vibrant and environmentally friendly urban space.
The New European Bauhaus brings both design and culture into the green transition, says MEP Ciarán Cuffe. He visited a Desire session at UIA - World Congress of Architects in Copenhagen.
The New Bauhaus movement will need to fundamentally transform our world. The transformation requires a New Bauhaus economy. This paper seeks to open spaces for the necessary cross-sectoral dialogues. How can we act at the scale and speed required? How can we recast our everyday world in a systematic and agile way?
New sustainability standards call for a new aesthetic. Or do they? Join us, as we take a deeper look at architectural value and discuss what’s worth preserving and transforming.
VIDEO from UIA - World Congress of Architects in Copenhagen July 5, 2023. This panel debate brings together leading European actors driving systemic transition of European built environments across public and private sectors. How to leverage our collective force to transition, at the scale and speed that is needed? The panel discussed how these fundamental changes will go hand in hand with the way we transform our cities and design our future.
Are we ready for a new set of aesthetic values? How do we make it desirable to change? And should we consider beautiful as a luxury that does not harmonize very well with our planet's climate challenges? In a Desire panel debate at the UIA World Congress of Architects CPH 2023, our panel discussed the green transition for a full auditorium.
How can the sense of belonging lead to a green transition? In our short intro film for Desire, you can get a quick insight into our New European Bauhaus project.
Photo credit: Rasmus Hjortshojm BLOX
More than 10,000 guests and presenters are expected to visit the UIA World Congress of Architects first in July 2023 in Copenhagen, Denmark. If you take part in the architecture congress you can also meet Desire. We have two panel debates - MONDAY 3 JULY & WEDNESDAY 5 JULY.
The New European Bauhaus initiative from the European Union has appointed six lighthouse demonstrators – including Desire. In addition, Craft has been established to support cities in designing and deploying Climate City Contracts based on the experience from CrAFt’s Sandbox Cities and 60 reference cities. Have a look.
Five debates regarding New European Bauhaus and Desire. With our partners Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) and The Royal Danish Academy.
Writing workshop in the Garden Caretaker's Greenhouse. The work with Desire has already come a long way.
The city is clearly ready for a cultural change; people are excited about the great potential and optimistic about how.
Focus on the potential in New European Bauhaus in Milan.
Involving citizens in the green transition locally and in respect of the original history and nature of the location.
The aim of DESIRE is to start an architectural movement based on cohesion and equality.
The 24 partners in DESIRE met in Copenhagen for the official kick-off.
DESIRE will create a movement that sets new standards and develops methods for transforming urban spaces.


Meet our partners talking about Desire and New European Bauhaus at events around Europe.

Hørkær 8, Herlev, Denmark 23.11.2023
The Garden Caretaker Davide Ronco
The Garden Caretaker (right now represented by the Artist Davide Ronco) will present his work in the greenhouse and the surrounding area. If you are in Herlev, DK, or close to it, drop by to say hello to our partner NXT and Davide: Hørkær 8, Herlev 23 Nov 2023,14-16.00.
Desire - get a quick overview of the EU project
Desire will create a movement that sets new standards and develops methods for transforming urban spaces