Get involved

Welcome to the international community aimed at designing an irresistible circular society. We are always looking for new people to get involved.

Let’s design irresistible circular societies together.

Project groups

We have established three interdisciplinary project groups, who are working towards developing a project catalogue in September. You can read more about their work here, or if you wish to know more, please reach out to Freja Kølund at

International collaboration

We are always looking to expand our palette across national borders. It is a conscious choice to let the content of the mission shape the process, and international collaborations are a focal point in the project’s process. We have many and more opportunities to make partnerships, similar to and in respect to our bottom-up approach. We are open to any relevant alliances within our mission and challenges.

If you have any possible collaborations in mind or you would like to join forces, please reach out to Anne-Mette Hyveled at

Helping the initiative

Suppose you do not wish to participate directly but would like to contribute to the process. In that case, you can help by making Instagram posts and stories showing sustainable, inclusive and aesthetic examples. The EU commission is frequent users of their Instagram @neweuropeanbauhaus in which they post pictures of prime examples of what New European Bauhaus could be. As such, by making posts and stories using the #NewEuropeanBauhaus, you can help spread the word of the vital work Denmark is and has been doing.


If your organisation is hosting any Bauhaus-related events or activities that you would like to have showcased on the site, don't hesitate to get in touch with Torben Klitgaard at

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Angles of action


Social values and communities

The ‘power of we’ comes from valuing a strong civic society and cooperative ownership. It represents how we both as a Union and as smaller communities are stronger when we work together.

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City(nature), resilience and biodiversity

When designing the irresistible society, making sure biodiversity and nature is an integrated part of the future is not only for the sake of ‘nature’ as its own entity, but also for the health and wellbeing of all humans in the future

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Resource loops and zero waste

All across Europe, buildings need to be renovated in order to withstand another 100 years and fulfill the expectations for a beautiful life for Europeans today. The most sustainable choice in construction is almost always to use what is already there.

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