Desire news and videos from the UIA World Congress of Architects CPH

During the UIA World Congress of Architects CPH first in July in Copenhagen, Denmark visitors from 135 countries could meet the Desire project in two panel debates about the New European Bauhaus initiative and our goals. Here you find the two videos from the panel debates, our new Invitation Paper about New European Bauhaus Economy, our brand new Desire presentation video, and articles where we sum up the debates.

Invitation Paper: A New European Bauhaus Economy, Designing Our Futures

The New Bauhaus movement will need to fundamentally transform our world, establishing new relationships between tangible assets, intangible assets, craft, automation and civic engagement economies. The transformation we face requires a New Bauhaus economy. This first working version of the paper draws upon our team’s preliminary research and interaction with relevant European actors. It is a collaborative and constructive contribution to the New European Bauhaus movement. It will be further developed over the course of the next twelve months with a series of in-person and online engagements. A final version of the paper will be launched at the New European Bauhaus Festival in Brussels in April 2024.

New European Bauhaus Economy Panel: Better buildings, more sharing, and a new narrative

At the UIA World Congress of Architects CPH 2023 a Desire panel debate discussed the need for fundamental transformation at speed and scale. Takeaways - among others - were buildings to last for more than 200 years, sharing community, the belief in the power of stories and the wish of turning the built environment into the biggest hero.

VIDEO: New European Bauhaus Economy Panel Debate
This panel debate brings together leading European actors driving systemic transition of European built environments across public and private sectors. Together we will explore how to leverage our collective force to transition, at the scale and speed that is needed. We’ll discuss how these fundamental changes will go hand in hand with the way we transform our cities and design our future.


Are we ready for a new set of aesthetic values? How do we make it desirable to change? And should we consider beautiful as a luxury that does not harmonize very well with our planet's climate challenges? In a Desire panel debate at the UIA World Congress of Architects CPH 2023, our panel discussed the green transition for a full auditorium.

Recycling will lead to a new sense of beauty in the building environment

The New European Bauhaus brings both design and culture into the green transition, says MEP Ciarán Cuffe. He visited a Desire session at UIA - World Congress of Architects in Copenhagen.

VIDEO: Panel debate at UIA: Is UGLY the new BEAUTIFUL?

New sustainability standards call for a new aesthetic. Or do they? Join us, as we take a deeper look at architectural value and discuss what’s worth preserving and transforming.

Desire video: We act now

Our mutual global challenge is clear. We are exceeding the planetary boundaries and our planet is suffering. So, we act now by creating a movement that breaks with our traditional linear approach and traditional ways of thinking, collaborating and acting.

How? Have a look at our short intro film about Desire, created by Benjamin Hesselholdt.